In my 25 years of recruiting, I’ve learned the talent acquisition business from every angle. Most importantly, I’ve learned when you don’t vet candidates well, learn about a company and its values, or take the time to get it right, the wrong people are placed in the wrong roles, wasting time, money, and productivity with every search.

The key to a successful search is optimizing every aspect of talent acquisition. Recruiting is most successful when it’s done with a high-value, strategic mentality delivered by people that deeply understand how it all fits together. Developing this better way of recruiting led me to open SAY Group in 2005.

In the years since our team has become known for what I call “The SAY Way:” our full-service, strategic approach to the recruiting partnership you need and deserve. Using this above-and-beyond approach, we’ve helped more than 100 clients across a wide range of industries optimize their hires and hiring processes.

Today, I’m proud to say that when you’ve got jobs to fill, you don’t need to call a dozen staffing firms—just call the SAY Group. We’ve got the expertise, experience, and fire in our bellies to go to work for you because we’re the only recruiting partner you’ll ever need.

Stacey Penn, Founder and CEO


years recruiting

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Raleigh, NC

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SAY Group is a full-service, full-cycle recruiting firm who optimizes everything from your hires to your hiring process. We take a strategic approach to staffing, consulting, and training to deliver top value and an exceptional experience for all clients and candidates. Our goal is to create a sustainable foundation for all clients to build upon when our work with them is complete.


We take a strategic approach with every client so that we are a solutions-oriented, valued partner. Our clients seek out our feedback as an experienced advisor and an extension of their team. Internally, our team supports one another to achieve our objectives and build a stronger team. We are dedicated to creating the best relationship possible inside and outside of our four walls.

This can also be said: SAY what you do and do what you SAY. At SAY Group, honoring our word and commitments fundamental to our business and in building critical trust with every employee and client.

Communication is a fundamental part of every business. At SAY Group we talk about communicating with purpose—be honest, be transparent, and be intentional and timely in responses. Conduct all communication—written, spoken, and even body language—with integrity. Most importantly, we know that communication goes both ways, which means active listening is key.

We expect every member of our team be solutions minded. This means providing ideas for solutions when faced with a problem. Dig deeper, make a plan, use data to support the case, consider market trends, brainstorm with others—whatever the approach, be ready and willing to find a solution.

People are our business. We find them, connect them, and build relationships with them. Part of the SAY Way is ensuring all the people who come into our sphere have a positive experience. Have fun, show energy, smile, let your passion show through. Whether it is our team, our clients, candidates, or vendors, we want every person to rate it a five-star experience.