How we got Smarter.

Our Recruit Smarter approach was born out of the real-world experience of our founder and CEO, Stacey Penn. In her 20+ years of professional experience, Stacey has played all the traditional roles of recruiters, learning the pros and cons of each approach.

Stacey began her career as an outside recruiter that earned its income from 20% contingency fees. It was high energy and high activity; in her tenure there Stacey learned that this is an approach that is less invested in the client company’s growth and success, and more interested in aggressively filling a seat — not necessarily making the right hire.

She then moved in-house for five years at Armstrong World Industries, where she oversaw the U.S. recruiting efforts for sales in all three divisions: flooring, ceilings and cabinets. Here she learned how important it is for a recruitment officer to immerse herself in company culture, so that the candidates who are hired are well informed and have a better “candidate experience”.

The value of Recruiting Smarter.

Stacey reached a turning point in her career; she knew that she could offer a smarter approach centered around partnering closely with her clients. This new approach would combine the best aspects of traditional and firm recruitment and save money for her clients. In 2005, she founded The SAY Group (SAY being the initials of Stacey’s given name).

Every day at The SAY Group we Recruit Smarter:

  • Stacey and her team bring to your company the energy and drive that is found in the best of contingency recruiters.
  • She and her team embed themselves in your corporate culture to bring forward the right hires for your unique company.
  • Acting as your dedicated recruiting partner, The SAY Group team will employ a fee structure that will bring you the quality talent you require, with as much as 50% savings over the cost of using typical outside recruiters. Get in touch and we’ll explain how this works.

Want to recruit smarter? Contact SAY Group today!